Typical Show Tierra Tica

Since 1966

Each Wednesday and Thursday night, the Mirador Ram Luna Restaurant is decked out with marimba and cimarrona music, traditional Costa Rican folk dancing and clowns, in the midst of typical Costa Rican cuisine including the delicious recipes of our grandparents.

The restaurant Ram Luna, located in the hills above Aserrí only 9 miles South of San Jose Is owned and operated by Gilber and Moraima Ramírez and their children.

At Ram Luna, one immediately sees that the restaurant is brimming with memorabilia of Costa Rican tradition, live music, and authentic folklore where the most beautiful memories of times now past can be relived.

The exquisite buffet and decorations are in keeping with the traditional Costa Rican cuisine presented for a superb Ram Luna dining adventure. We take great delight in offering you the opportunity to savor a variety of traditional Costa Rican dishes such as: (la olla de carne) a traditional meat stew, (el picadillo de arracache) chopped arracache root, (la carne en salsa) cubed meat with tasty salsa, (las empanaditas de queso) cheese turnovers, (el chifrijo) one small bowl with white rice, red beans, pork meat and pico de gallo, (los chicharones típicos de la zona) deep-fried pork Aserrí style , not to mention, our delicious traditional desserts that will tempt any dieter.
And then, the show begins. Tierra Tica is under the direction and supervision of the Ramírez family and is presented with pleasure and spontaneity. It is a journey through the most representative stages of Costa Rican folklore concluding with the Cimarrona which is the jubilant dance of the giants, which takes place outside the restaurant overlooking the city while several local artisans show you beautiful pieces of jewelry made with stones, tree sedes and natural fibers, that you can buy as souvenirs to take back home.





    Lunes 4pm a 10pm
    Martes 4pm a 10pm
    Miercoles 4pm a 10pm
    Jueves 4pm a 10pm
    Viernes 4pm a 10pm
    Sábado 12md a 10pm
    Domingo 12md a 9pm
    Todos los cierres dependerán de la Restricción vehicular

  • Dirección:

    De San José 15 Kilometros al Sur
    5 Kilometros al Sur de Aserrí
    Carretera a Tarbaca

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